The Low Back and Leg Connection

July 18, 2018

Bottom Line:

Most orthopedic practices have a specialist for your foot, a specialist for your back, a specialist for your hip, and a specialist for your knee. Based on the number of specialists for your back, hip, and leg you would think these joints aren’t designed to work together. But research has shown that not only are your low back and lower extremities linked by your nervous systems, but also by bio-mechanics. When you take a step, it’s the coordination of your toes, ankles, knee, hip, pelvis and low back that help you move forward. That is why when you have an issue with any part of that biomechanical chain, it’s important to evaluate every joint independently and how it’s working with the neighboring joints.


Why it Matters:

The proper motion of these joints is crucial to their longevity. Researchers have discovered that adjustments to the hip, knee, and ankle can decrease the pain associated with osteoarthritis and degenerative changes by over 60%! We know there is a strong connection between low back and hip pain. So, if you have hip, knee, or leg pain, it's essential to also address your low back. 

  • Pain in your hip, leg, or knee can stem from a problem in your low back.

  • Adjustments to your low back can improve the function of your hip and leg.

  • People with hip pain have shown improvement in pain by over 60%.

Next Steps:

Over 85% of the population with be afflicted with back pain at some point in their life. Many will also have associated leg pain or radiculopathy. If this sounds familiar, know you are in the right place. Our practice is focused on helping people find relief naturally. We use the latest evidence-informed care to ensure you can get back on your feet as soon as possible and find lasting relief! 


Stay Healthy,

Dr. Kim Gibas


We going LIVE on Facebook THIS THURSDAY at 12:30PM for our July Body Signals Workshop! Join us on our Facebook Page: New Beginnings Chiropractic & Wellness Center to learn more about lower extremity pain and how to get rid of it for good!



Science Source(s):

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