Can You Improve Your Immune System with Exercise?

It’s amazing how quickly life can change! One minute you’re going about your typical daily routine. The next minute, everything changes and you have far more questions than answers.

One of the biggest questions on nearly everyone’s mind right now is…

how does the human immune system work and what can we do to help support it, so it can function better?

A strong, healthy immune system is the best defense for fighting off germs of all kinds – viral, bacterial, fungal.

But many people don’t realize there’s a well documented, research-supported link between immune system strength and exercise. In other words, by staying active and physically fit, you help your immune system stay fit and healthy as well!

But are there specific actions you can take right now, to help improve your immunity through exercise?

The good news is – there is!

Below is some info on the link between exercise and health. Please be sure to pass these tips to family and friends as well. As everyone is currently looking for anything they can do to help stay healthy…especially now.

The Science Between the Immune System-Exercise Link

Just last year, the Journal of Sport and Health Science published a study describing what they called a “compelling” link between exercise and immune system response.

This relatively new field of science is called “Exercise Immunology.” Yet there is scientific research dating back well over a century, highlighting how immune system response changes based on levels of exercise.

Here, as it turns out, moderation (rather than extreme exercise or a totally sedentary lifestyle) is key to optimal immune system function.

In other words, you don’t have to head to the gym every day before or after work for hours and hours. The best results will come from simply adding in some moderate exercise to your daily schedule.

Nursing Older People Journal published a study in 2012 confirming that exercise helps fight back against immunosenescence.

What is immunosenescence?

This term refers to the normal reduction in immune system function as we age.

But researchers now know that immunosenescence is something you can slow down. Exercise can strengthen immune system response by improving killer cell response, increasing T-cells production and enhancing the body’s response to almost any immune system challenge it faces.

Read on to learn easy, effective ways to add exercise to your daily routine and experience the immune-boosting benefits this will bring.

5 Easy Ways to Add Immune-Boosting Exercise to Your Day

These five ideas will help you brainstorm creative ways to add immune-boosting exercise to your day and also encourage your loved ones to join in with you.

1. Start with one-minute workouts….20 times per day.