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Kennedi Pierce, Yoga Instructor & Nutrition Coach


Hi! I am Kennedi one of  New Beginnings yoga instructors & nutrition coach (and Kim’s niece)! I am a recent graduate from Mizzou (aka University of Missouri). Go Tigers!


I have a bachelors degree in Health Science with a double minor in Wellness and Business. I love to travel, read, cook, bake, and do different media’s of art for my hobbies. I am continually educating myself on how to better myself and help patients to a more fulfilling & mindful life through wellness. 


I started practicing yoga in high school when I took it as my elective gym class and it has brought me peace in my life since then! I do not consider yoga a hobby of mine anymore, as it is my way of life. What I practice on the mat transfers to off the mat and into my daily life. This is what I hope I can teach all of my students, if nothing else. 


Whether you have practiced before or it is a completely new idea in your life I hope you will join me regularly for yoga practice. We will practice our mental, physical and emotional health each week, and I encourage you to take these new skills with you off the mat!


I feel so strongly about the nutrition coaching I do, because it is much more than just telling patients how to eat. It is personalized coaching. I educate and encourage patients to make lifestyle changes, rather than just change their diet. I share recipes, and teach patients how to read nutrition labels & ingredients to stay away from,  meal prep, and other services. I also make a lot of homemade nutritional foods and snacks that will be available through the office. I encourage patients who are looking to make changes in their life to schedule a consultation to figure out a good path for yourself. 

I look forward to meeting you all and starting a journey together! Namaste! 

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